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Having an intense passion for the art-of-the sphere, On The Mark Graphix is excited to introduce its new and growing product line of acrylic globes, spheres and hemispheres. We have over 35 years of experience creating unique hand-made acrylic products for homes, businesses, classrooms, museums, science centers and leading mail order magazines all over the world.

On The Mark Graphix has developed its own proprietary means of creating beautiful hand-made acrylic spheres using state-of-the-art technologies and the most current cartographic resources. The graphics are expertly silk screened onto the inside surface of the sphere…allowing for striking coloration. The products are made by highly trained American craftsman and women; dedicated to spheres that influence, educate and inspire.

Special emphasis will continue with custom globes, art reproductions, awards, events, display work and unique spherical concepts.

Watch our website as we continue to add new and exciting ideas and possibilities!

Introducing our Celestial Sphere

Imagine space travel as you discover spherical astronomy with the new 16” transparent Celestial Sphere.  Explore the heavens with your own hand-held planetarium.  Look through the outermost surface and see over 5500 stars, accurately plotted on the inside surface, allowing you to view the stars at any time of the day or night as they arch over your head.  Observe all 88 constellations, major star galaxies, globular clusters, nebula, and the Milky Way.

The Celestial Sphere is made with the highest quality museum acrylic and is free-blown similar to techniques used in glass blowing.  In the center of the star sphere is a translucent Earth, surrounded by a movable horizon ring and sun ball.  In three simple steps, you can orient yourself to the stars above anywhere on Earth (no worrying about overcast skies or light pollution).

The Celestial Sphere includes all the major stars with their Greek letter designation, magnitude, and light years from Earth. The star field has both the equatorial and sidereal hour coordinate systems.  All 58 navigational stars are highlighted in color. Celestial navigation is used in determining time, location and line of position – great for sailors, aviators, hikers and navigators all over the world.

This beautifully hand-crafted astronomy aid is sure to bring hours of knowledge and inspiration.

celestial globe
World Bank Globe

One of our sphere’s displayed at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC

Additional Spherical Designs

These products can all be personalized and/or customized! Personalization and Customization can include company logo, names, locations, routes, and territories!

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